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TRUCKS.  The "back-bone" of our industry.  We use high quality late-model air sweeper trucks and heavy duty high-capacity broom trucks so you're guaranteed results!  Check out a small sample of our inventory below:

Air Sweepers

Nite Hawk DX400
Air Sweeper
Schwarze S348I
Air Sweeper
"This powerful addition to our fleet will tackle the toughest jobs in the roughest conditions. Whether your challenge is glass, sand, gravel or weather, the 400-DX delivers unmatched efficiency and performance." "Another "workhorse" in our fleet.  It has plenty of power for any type of parking area cleaning, as well as for some construction cleanup situations. This truck is great with sand detailing!"

Broom Sweepers

MACK M-5000
Broom Sweeper

Heavy-duty broom truck with gutter broom.  Up to 5 yard hopper capacity.  Water based dust suppression system.  The M5000 is Rule 1186 Certified and offers an extremely rugged design ideal for use in a wide variety of demanding road sweeping applications, from parking lot or paved road sweeping to removing sand after winter storms.  This truck can do it all!


  • Late-model sweeper trucks
  • Backup sweeper trucks available
  • Reliable service for over 35 years
  • Flexibility to suit your needs
  • Small or Large we can handle it all!